The Word Is a Song: Poem by My Wife


Change of pace: as I was about to pen my next post, my wife Suzy sends me the following poem. I was like, “Oh wow, what book was she reading where she found this?”After she convinced me she wrote it, I asked her when it was written. I expected her to say that she found it lying around and that she wrote it ages ago. Turns out she had just written it this morning. Then I picked up my jaw from the ground and decided to post her poem instead of my boring what-not about who knows what.

The Word Is a Song

The Word is a song, Continue reading

Is a 20-minute Liturgy un-Orthodox? Why It’s Not as Laughable as You Might Think


As I attended a 20-minute mass at a Catholic cathedral (pictured above) right next to work during my lunch break with a colleague, I could not help but think of how many Orthodox Christians would scoff at the brevity of the service. But is it really that laughable? Here is why I believe it is absolutely Orthodox to allow, in certain circumstances, for a short (20-30 minute, beginning to end) liturgy in the Orthodox Church. Continue reading