Should the Pope Learn English (and/or Other Languages)?


The Pope left the city of His Holiness’ papal see to visit us here in the U.S.A., and you would think that gesture alone would be understood as speaking volumes about his love for us, yet in spite of that, I have heard and read countless times that the Pope is not doing enough to reach out to us in our own language. People, some without restraint, have been outspoken about their disappointment, and some have unfortunately expressed themselves to a point that may be deemed as disrespectful. Look at some of the comments left (usually anonymously) on under various posts related to His Holiness’ visit: Continue reading

The Truth About Revelation (Apocalypse)


Did you know that the 14th Coptic Pope did not believe it was written by St. John the Evangelist? The Eastern Orthodox Church doesn’t include it anywhere in its lectionaries. A 9th century Patriarch of Constantinople rejected the book altogether. Martin Luther called it “neither apostolic nor prophetic,” and it was the only New Testament book on which John Calvin did not write a commentary. So why is it part of the Bible and accepted by pretty much all Christians today? Before someone shakes your faith in trusting the Bible canon we have at present, here is what you should know. Continue reading