Core Christian Messages Found In the Epistle to the Romans


I’ll be honest. When I found out I was scheduled to speak to my Sunday school class about the the first four chapters in St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, I was less than thrilled, as I didn’t know if I could find a relevant, practical message that could have an impact on those listening. Four chapters, 60 minutes. How?

I just finished giving the lesson and I must say, as I went along the journey of preparing for it, I was delighted to find deep, core Orthodox Christian messages that I was able to share, and that may be easily missed. And this was just the first four chapters!  Continue reading

8 Keys to a Successful Marriage

8 Things I can hold my wife accountable to, forever! Muahahahahaha

Sounds of Scripture


So a few days ago, I was praying to God for John…like any normal day. At some point in the midst of my prayer, I stopped and pondered…asking God, “How do I really help him?”

God answered me quickly.

My mind was immediately drawn to an analogy and to imagery of a tool that is used to tend a garden. I realized that I need to pray to be a “spout” for my spouse. What do I mean? Well first off, let’s define spout.

According to good old Google, a spout can be defined as follows:

spout (noun)

  1. a tube or lip projecting from a container, through which liquid can be poured.

The way in which water is poured from a spout unto the earth for nourishment and life is the same exhibition of care that spouses should express for one another. So if we are to be…

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