The Cycle of Sin

Sounds of Scripture


My sin, my joy,
These worldly ways
Have caused me to veer far
Go astray
I’ve left the Captain behind
Manned my own ship
My life, my future, is within my grip
I’m on a mission to find my treasure
Captain said that’s also where my heart will be
But little did I comprehend
I needed His light to steer and see

I’ve brought myself to the valley of death
Though in my mind it’s the promised land, full of riches and wealth
My illusion
My delusion
My mirage
My facade
I lean on myself instead of You as my rod

Wandered into the darkness deep
Terrified and trembling on this mountain so steep
Trying to reach the top to feel fulfilled
But when I reach my high I feel the chill
The chill from my choices, it’s harder to breath
Beginning to suffocate, I cannot heave
Loosing my footing
I’ve lost…

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Mediocre “Christian” Lives and Our Lost Youth


Hookah bar anyone? How about going clubbing? Getting drunk? Smoking some weed? Hooking up with some hot girl / guy? Sounds like stuff Christians would be thinking/doing/saying right?

Then why are so many of my Coptic brothers and sisters so lost? I am reminded of this when I go to weddings and it looks like people are dressed for a club, and as it turns out, the reception turns into one.  Continue reading