The Early Church Tradition of Separate Seating: Ancient Practice, Not a Cultural Anomaly

Separate Seating

I will let St. Cyril of Jerusalem (c. AD 313–386) start this blog post off with what he taught people who were considering joining the Church:

Let men be with men, and women with women. For now I need the example of Noah’s ark, in which were Noah and his sons, and his wife and his sons’ wives. For though the ark was one, and the door was shut, yet things had been suitably arranged. If the Church is shut, and you are all inside, yet let there be a separation, men with men, and women with women, lest the pretext of salvation become an occasion of destruction. Even if there be a fair pretext for sitting near each other, let passions be put away. (Protocatechesis, 14, NPNF 2:7)

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Looks & Lustful Eyes: How Ladies Can Hurt & Help The Guys

Suzy Guest Post


Hello all! I’m John’s wifey, A.K.A. Suzy! And of course the wifey thing to do would be to raid the husband’s blog 😛 haha.


A little background info about me before I start my rant: Egyptian, born and raised Coptic Orthodox in Columbus, Ohio. Graduated from THE Ohio State University. Psychology major. Been married to Mr. Habib for three years now. We have a furry child (doggy) named Bella. I love Jesus, family and friends, food, music, artsy stuff, a good read, the beach, and of course shopping. Yeah! 🙂

SuzyandJohn Bella

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