Mediocre “Christian” Lives and Our Lost Youth


Hookah bar anyone? How about going clubbing? Getting drunk? Smoking some weed? Hooking up with some hot girl / guy? Sounds like stuff Christians would be thinking/doing/saying right?

Then why are so many of my Coptic brothers and sisters so lost? I am reminded of this when I go to weddings and it looks like people are dressed for a club, and as it turns out, the reception turns into one.  Continue reading

5 Lessons on Obedience You May Have Missed In the Book of Joshua


As I was preparing to speak to the Adult Sunday school group at my church on the subject of obedience as it can be found in the Book of Joshua, I feared this would be a difficult task. When I think of the Book of Joshua, I think of the Israelites going into Canaan and taking over the place and all its inhabitants, and then dividing their new promised land (present day Israel) among all the tribes. That’s what this book is about in a nutshell, so where will I find stuff about obedience? In the few chapters (5–7) assigned to me to speak about, I was surprised to find at least 5 ways we can extrapolate practical lessons on obedience. Continue reading