Looks & Lustful Eyes: How Ladies Can Hurt & Help The Guys

Suzy Guest Post


Hello all! I’m John’s wifey, A.K.A. Suzy! And of course the wifey thing to do would be to raid the husband’s blog 😛 haha.


A little background info about me before I start my rant: Egyptian, born and raised Coptic Orthodox in Columbus, Ohio. Graduated from THE Ohio State University. Psychology major. Been married to Mr. Habib for three years now. We have a furry child (doggy) named Bella. I love Jesus, family and friends, food, music, artsy stuff, a good read, the beach, and of course shopping. Yeah! 🙂

SuzyandJohn Bella

Now, let’s get down to business! I was trying to sleep around 6AM the other day when out of nowhere Continue reading

Being “in love” and actual Christian love: How to tell the difference

Love and Limerence

There is one book that forever changed my perspective on the word “love,” a book that I’ve kept in my possession for about 13 years now (which is shown in the image above). While I was in college at Emory University, there was an elective that only a select few students were admitted to take each time it was offered—”Psychology of Love”—and I was one of those fortunate few who were allowed in. Continue reading