The Word Is a Song: Poem by My Wife


Change of pace: as I was about to pen my next post, my wife Suzy sends me the following poem. I was like, “Oh wow, what book was she reading where she found this?”After she convinced me she wrote it, I asked her when it was written. I expected her to say that she found it lying around and that she wrote it ages ago. Turns out she had just written it this morning. Then I picked up my jaw from the ground and decided to post her poem instead of my boring what-not about who knows what.

The Word Is a Song

The Word is a song,
A song of life,
A song for dealing with our strife,
Your beautiful Word, a masterpiece, an art,
It strums the harp strings of my heart,
Gives off a melody truly Divine,
Which takes me to a place far back in time,
To the place of peace Adam once knew,
The place we can enter again, because of You,
Such beauty it holds, it was our loss,
But then You saved us by Your Cross,
To take us back so we could gain,
And watch You conquer Hades and reign,
So much pain in this world, so cold,
Yet this Tune resonates within my soul,
You give me life, You give me breath,
Those Lyrics I’ll hear until my death,
I cannot bear the thought of shame,
It is only through You I can sustain,
I close my eyes and imagine You before me,
I’m on my knees, begging You to restore me,
Set me free from these chains, make me anew,
To Your Will, I shall subdue,
Have mercy on me Oh Lord,
Have mercy.

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